AIRDOS01 dosimeter is a diode detector designed for operation on-board aircrafts. The dosimeter is equipped with a battery that enables its operation for a month, integrated GPS receiver that records the flight trajectory and allows to obtain the time of significant detected events. The dosimeter is used to estimate the dose received by flight crews during a flight.


A second version of our on-board dosimeter in a more compact design. The dosimeter is based on a semiconductor PIN diode with a detection volume of 60 mm³. The device is able to carry on measurements for 20 days. The data is logged to an SD card.


AIRDOSF01 dosimeter is comparable to AIRDOS01 version, the main difference being in that the detection diode was rotated 90° (based on customer’s request) and the absence of GNSS receiver for localisation.


AIRDOSC01B is a scintillation detector also designed for operation on-board aircrafts. It is equipped with a primary cell ensuring maintenance-free operation for a period of three months.


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