GEODOS01 is a scintillation detector designed specifically for static and long-term monitoring in remote locations. A NaI(Tl) crystal with a required volume is used as a scintillation material. A standard detection volume is about 3000 mm³. The detection itself is carried out using a sensitive SiPM detector. The device is equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel that is used to regularly charge the integrated battery. Such technical implementation allows the detector to be placed even in a partial shade, for example in a forrest. The default range of measured energies is from 0.3 to 1 MeV with a resolution of 0.2 MeV. This range can be adjusted easily. Measured data is logged to an internal SD card and at the same time the detector telemetry can be sent via the IoT LORA network.

The whole device is designed to be placed outdoors in areas with difficult access.


GEODOS02, also called “CARDOS”, is an adjusted version of scintillation detectors based on GEODOS01 developed previously. The new device is primarily designed for mobile measurements using cars. However, thanks to their construction and characteristics they can be used for other applications as well. The specific feature of CARDOS detectors is that they do not contain any recording medium, Internet of Things data link LoRa, or a time source. Using the detector, therefore, requires connecting it to a recording device (a computer) that has access to an accurate time and is able to create a record from a USB data stream. The location of the measuring car is logged using a GNSS receiver connected to the same computer.

The UST company is able to deliver a complete solution including the recording equipment and, depending on customer’s requirements, flexibly modify the device (for example by providing a user data format compatible with existing systems for data processing).

GEODOS02 can be used for monitoring the intensity of ionizing radiation over large areas. An example of using the CARDOS scintillation detectors include measurements with research cars for CRREAT project, dealing with research into high-energy phenomena in the atmosphere.


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