GEODOS01A Installed on Polednik site

If you need a fully automatic ionizing radiation dosimeter-spectrometer device (with internal logging and a backup power supply) or a device designed for outdoor use without the possibility of connecting to a power supply and data network GEODOS01 might be a better option. We can help you in choosing the most suitable device or even design and develop a new one according to your requirements. In either case, reach us using email

Example installations

GEODOS devices are mounted in multiple significant locations around Europe at this moment.

Chernobyl Red Forest

One GEODOS device is installed in Chernobyl Red Forest site.

GEODOS01A Installed in Chernobyl Red Forest site

Šumava mountains

GEODOS devices are installed in multiple locations in Šumava. For example example at Polednik watch tower.

GEODOS01A Installed on Polednik site

Kosetice Atmospheric Tower

The National Atmospheric Observatory Košetice (NAOK) was established by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute as a department specialized in long-term air quality monitoring and research at the background scale in 1988. The GEODOS is located here by CRREAT project.

GEODOS01B Installed Kosetice Atmospheric Tower

Data storage

The primary raw data is stored in the SD card’s memory. The IoT network is used for telemetry data transfer, and device monitoring (e.g. temperature, humidity, pressure, battery voltage, etc.). We are regularly using the TTN, but the device could be configured for use with any IoT LoRa-based network. For remote areas, mounting a private IoT gateway in the radio range of GEODOS instruments could also be an option.