THUNDERMILL sensor mounted on Lomnický Štít observatory

THUNDERMILL01 is an open-source Electric field mill sensor for static, portable and airborne measurements. The device is equipped with open-source software that provides high flexibility from the point of view of data output. The sophisticated design of the sensor provides the ability to use the sensor for many applications. The sensor can be operated statically at a fixed location or on mobile measuring devices or may be mounted on unmanned aerial vehicles.

Version for airborne measurements on board UAV

In the case of airborne measurements by UAV, the sensor is intended to be used with the TF-ATMON. TF-ATMON system provides real-time data transmission to the ground station where it is visualized in a 3D map and provides the drone operator with a fast and flexible response to the measured data.

THUNDERMILL01A mounted to TF-G2 autogyro rotorhub

The sensor is commonly operated and equipped on the ThunderFly TF-G2 autogyro drone. In that case, the THUNDERMILL device is connected to on-board avionics as is displayed in the following diagram.

THUNDERMILL01A diagram - part of TF-ATMON system

Portable Version for car or stationary measurements

In the case of stationary or portable use, there exist rugged outdoor variants.

THUNDERMILL01B mounted on stationary platform