Universal Scientific Technologies (UST) boasts long-term experience of innovation and developing state-of-the-art dosimeters and spectrometers. Our SPACEDOS, AIRDOS, and GEODOS series stand at the forefront of dosimetry technology, catering to an array of scientific applications from terrestrial to cosmic explorations.

Unparalleled Performance

Our dosimeters have ventured beyond terrestrial bounds, marking their presence in space missions and aboard the International Space Station (ISS). The SPACEDOS01, engineered for CubeSat deployments, was sent to Earth’s orbit as a part of the SOCRAT-R satellite. The SPACEDOS02 which logs radiation during ISS crew changes, exemplifies our commitment to supporting cosmic radiation research.

Designed for Customization and Ease of Use

UST’s dosimeters are exceptional for their extremely low power consumption, adaptability, and ease of customization. Whether it’s mounting specifications, power supply options, or measurement range adjustments, our devices are tailored to fit your project’s unique requirements.

Collaborative Excellence

Our enduring partnership with the Nuclear Physics Institute of the CAS (Department of Radiation Dosimetry), under the CRREAT project, underscores our dedication to advancing radiation detection technology through collaborative innovation.

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UST Dosimeter Lineup

Dive into the specifics of our cutting-edge devices, each designed with precision and flexibility in mind.

Active Products

Type Sensing element Typical use case Notes
LABDOS01 Si PIN diode Experimental, Labs Powered and data output to USB, optional SDcard storage.
SPACEDOS01 Si PIN diode Cubesat, satellites CubeSat-ready. External power supply needed.
SPACEDOS02 Si PIN diode Manned space missions ISS Space Heritage. Self-powered from batteries.
SPACEDOS03 Si PIN diode Manned space missions Optimized for testing of cosmic ray shielding. Self-powered from batteries.
AIRDOS04 Si PIN diode Manned Aircraft An improved version of AIRDOS02 dosimeter. Self-powered from Li-ion accumulators or external USB-C port.
AIRDOS03 (UAVDOS) Si PIN diode UAV Semiconductor-based detector designed for UAVs (Drones). Optimized to use with TF-ATMON system.
GEODOS01 NaI(Tl), SiPM Terrestrial use (static) Scintillation dosimeter and spectrometer designed for outdoor, static and long-term installation in areas with difficult access. The dosimeter is equipped with an inbuilt logger and the LoRa IoT transmitter. Self-powered by photovoltaic cells.
GEODOS02 NaI(Tl), SiPM Terrestrial use (mobile) Scintillation dosimeter and spectrometer designed for outdoor, short-term measurement in remote areas. The instrument needs an external data logger, time source, and power supply.

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Obsolete Products

Type Sensing element Typical use case Notes
AIRDOS01 Si PIN diode Aircraft The first version of a semiconductor dosimeter for monitoring the dose obtained during civil flights. Equivalent to Liulin aircraft dosimeters. Self-powered from batteries.
AIRDOSF01 Si PIN diode Aircraft Si diode rotated 90 degrees compared to AIRDOS01 dosimeter. Self-powered from batteries.
AIRDOSC01 CRY19, SiPM Aircraft Scintillation-based detector designed for aircraft and UAVs. Self-powered from batteries.
AIRDOS02 Si PIN diode Manned Aircraft An improved version of AIRDOS01 dosimeter. Self-powered from batteries.


LABDOS01 is a lightweight portable dosimeter intended as an experimental device for laboratory measurements. The dosimeter is connected via a USB bus, through which it is powered and read-out. This minimizes the demand for skills required to operate the dosimeter.

This device should be used for experimental verification and planning before using our more sophisticated and application-specific devices like SPACEDOS, AIRDOS or GEODOS.

Tailored Solutions for Unique Challenges

Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? UST is ready to collaborate with you to customize our products, ensuring they perfectly align with your research needs.

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